Do you have a story growing inside you?

I can help you bring it to life.

Everyone has a gem of an idea growing inside of them, but they don't always make it onto the page perfectly the first try. You need help with more than just sentence level issues. I will polish your work until it shines!

Are you trapped in your own head wishing you had an unbiased opinion on your story? Do you have writer's block? Or are you finished with your project wondering "What's next?" It's time to turn to a publishing expert.

I am a former editor from two award-winning publishing companies Rebel Girls and Cricket Media. I am an experienced publishing professional, and I will put all of my industry insight into your project.

How can my knowledge benefit you?

I have . . .

  • 10 years of editing experience

  • 10+ published book titles edited, 3 forthcoming

  • 10+ scripted podcasts episodes edited

  • 40+ publication credits in award winning children's magazines and books

  • Dozens of publishing industry contacts, including indie publishers, literary agents, illustrators, writing groups, authors, editors, and fact-checkers

Jestine and an editing client laughing at something on a tablet

Known for . . .

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