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Intake Session: free!

30 minutes of free-flow conversation about the project YOU are going to bring into the world.

Coaching Sessions: $65 per hour

I will guide you through the writing process from idea to final manuscript. This includes writing prompts, brainstorming sessions, setting writing goals and timelines, and connecting you with useful resources and people in the publishing business (agents, editors, illustrators, fact-checkers, writing groups etc.).

Manuscript Evaluation and Critique: flat fee (see below)

I will give you my overall thoughts in your project and direction for revision in terms of plot, voice, logic, structure and organization, characters, voice, dialogue, pacing, conflict, format, audience and/or age appropriateness.

  • Picture books and graphic novels $500 (under 10,000 words)

  • YA and middle grade $1,000 (under 80,000 words)

  • Adult books $1,500 (over 100,000 words)

Developmental Editing: $65 per hour

I will rewrite passages or sentences, leave comments and clarifying questions, rearrange chapters to improve the pacing and plot, cut wordy or unnecessary dialogue and description. This stage is quite invasive, but any changes will be up to you to accept or reject. (In the end, your work is always your own!)

Book Proposal of Portfolio Prep: $65 per hour

By now, your project will be ready to shop around to agents and submit to the appropriate publishing houses. I will help you put together your proposal including a snappy author bio, book description, query letter, audience, competition analysis, marketing plan, outline, and sample chapters.

Other Services

Writing for Children: $.50 to $1 per word (varies based on content)

Technical Writing: $80 per hour (grant writing and book proposals)

DEI Reviews: $80 per hour

 Contact me for a free estimate today!

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